About Utsav

Utsav SchurmansLet me take a moment to introduce myself and some of the members of the international team working at the site of Smugglers’ Cave. My name is Utsav Schurmans and I am lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) where I defended my PhD dissertation in 2008. My specialty is the analysis of stone tools from a period called the Middle Stone Age. The Middle Stone age, or MSA, dates from about 250,000 to about 40/30,000 years ago and is associated in large part with people that look anatomically like you and me. In this period the first archaeological evidence of artifacts recognized in part as symbolic, such as personal ornaments, start to appear.

I started working in Morocco in 2004 at the site of El Mnasra together with a French-Moroccan team. The Moroccan co-director of that project, Dr. Mohammed El Hajraoui, proposed a collaboration between the University of Pennsylvania (represented by Dr. Harold Dibble and myself) and the Institut National des Sciences de l’Archeologie et du Patrimoine (INSAP). The three of us started to put together an international team to re-excavate Smugglers’ Cave and analyze collections from the older excavations at the site.


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  1. Tugce Says:

    Well done:) take care…

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